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A MasterMind clone for Linux
Meet Tuxella

A MasterMind clone for Linux
New version: 0.2a (10 februari 2003)

Qleuren is a Qt-based MasterMind clone for Linux with an user-interface that tries to look and feel like a real-world board game.

The colored pegs can be dragged to any place on the game board. Alternatively the pegs can be moved to the first usable spot on the board by right-clicking them.


  • Non-configurable game rules; just straight 'classic' rules without double colors in the hidden code.
  • Moving pegs automatically (right- or double-clicking them ) is animated. This animation is optional and the speed can be adjusted.

Qleuren is licensed under the GPL.


Latest source packages: There also a yet untested RPM file available. I would appreciate if someone could test it and send me reports or patches to the spec-file. I personally use Debian, so I cannot try the RPM file. Debian packages may be made available at a later date.

Or go to the SourceForge project download page to select a mirror if your link is slow or if you want to download other files.



Contact information

Qleuren was made by Heiko.
This web page was made by Mohammad & Heiko.
Thanks to Mano for his contributions. You can find his MasterMind clone for gnome here